Things You May Remember…

Just like any other “milestone” in life, when I think back over the past 9 months, there are things that I remember easily, and things that I really have to think about and am reminded of only when I look at pictures or read through my journal.

I just thought I’d share a few thoughts that you too, may remember if you travel (long term or short term).

You will remember the people you met along the way. Old friends, new friends, and even some angels; (I truly believe we met some angels along the way who helped us out a few times in our travels). You’ll remember meeting and making new friends over a drink of coffee; and you will remember sharing laughs, adventures and making new memories with old friends and family. You will remember sitting on trains and watching the world go by, and marveling at how beautiful it is. You will remember trying new food…some good, some not so good, but you will remember at least giving it a try, and you will also remember the foods you are going to miss when you get home.

You’ll remember hearing your kid say “it’s beautiful,” over and over again as he looks out the car window in different places. You’ll remember watching your kids go up and order food from people who don’t speak English, or pay for an item, or ask them a question. There is no hesitation for these two boys to go up and ask someone a question. (Today, a gentleman staying at the same hostel as us was wearing a rain jacket with hockey pads on over it…Jo immediately went over to ask why he was wearing the equipment. To which the man replied: “You must be Canadian, no one else knows what this is.” Which then led to about a half hour conversation between all of us, the man and then his friend, who just happened to live about a half hour away from us in Canada). Other times, the person doesn’t speak English, but they have a “conversation” anyways.

There are also quite a few things you won’t remember.

You won’t remember how much things cost. (Until you get home and see how much the line of credit is at 😉 hahahah.

You won’t remember going for two months without having a laundry machine, and handwashing your clothes for that entire time (well, Nathan might, since he’s the one that did all the washing….I did the hanging and drying 😉 )

You’ll forget thinking you’re going to die as you hike up the side of a mountain….5km straight up (okay, clearly I haven’t forgot that one….seriously….I thought we would never reach the top).

You’ll forget the frustration of trying to book transportation, sort out hotels, airbnbs, and all that fun stuff. Along with that, you will forget how you managed to communicate in a country where you didn’t speak, read or understand one word of the language. You just know you did it.

You’ll forget trying to find clothes that fit your growing kids in towns that don’t have malls or department stores. You will forget that after 9 months of wearing the same clothes, you got tired of them and wanted to toss them all, but kept them anyways, because it was the responsible thing to do (well, I don’t know if I’ll forget that, but I’m hoping I do 😉 )

And you will forget the long waits, the border crossings, and the transport delays that you encountered. You will only remember that you made it, and you did it, and it all worked out.

And after all that remembering and forgetting, you’ll want to do it all over again 🙂

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