Holland America Noordam

To Our Fellow Passengers on Holland America’s Noordam (from Sydney, Australia to Honolulu April 2018):

As most of you know, we have been travelling around the world for the last 10 months.  This cruise was one of the only things we had booked months before we left home.  We thought it would be a nice way to start winding the travels down, see the south pacific, be a little bit extravagant, and make the trek over to Hawaii.  After booking, we didn’t give it much more thought, as we had so many other things to think about and plan.

I just wanted to say thank you for making this trip with you way more enjoyable than we had even imagined it would be when we booked it a year and a half ago.

I know a lot of you are retired, and enjoy travel with others in the same age bracket. (I’m not sure how many of you cringed when you saw the boys at the beginning of the trip, thinking “there goes the peace and quiet 😉 )  One of my favourite comments was from a friend who said “When we started, I was hoping there wouldn’t be any kids on the boat.  But if they’re all like your boys, bring on a thousand of them.”  And the other one: “Excuse me….I just wanted to tell you that your youngest son is a great kid.  He kept us entertained and talked to us at the bay and we really enjoyed it.  I’m not saying your older son isn’t great, we just didn’t get to talk to him yet.” (That was from a day that Nathan, Isaac and I went snorkeling in New Caledonia and Jo stayed on shore talking to everyone and anyone who ventured near the water).

Thanks for welcoming us into the group, and making us feel like we belonged.  Thanks for sitting, chatting, laughing and listening. (We sometimes talk a lot, as it has been awhile since we have hung out with other people for a long length of time). Thanks for treating our boys like you would your own children and grandchildren.  And most of all, thanks for taking the time to stop us in the hall, at dinner or by the water to tell us how good the boys are, and how well behaved they were.  (We made sure all the fighting and wrestling happened in our cabin behind closed doors 😉 ).    We saw some beautiful places along the way, but I think what we enjoyed the most about this cruise was the people we got to travel with, and sit and visit with along the way.

We wish you all a safe trip home, as well as continued travels for those still exploring. We miss you and are grateful to have travelled with such a classy, friendly group of people.


Nathan, Riann, Isaac and Josiah

2 thoughts on “Holland America Noordam

  1. Joyce Yeoman

    What lovely comments about the boys from some of the older generation.those that travelled. Again your write up to them was lovely. I’m sure those that read it would have been delighted with your comments to them. As usual be safe and enjoy the rest of the journey wherever it takes you. Probably back home soon I’m thinking. Love from Dorset xxx

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    1. Thanks Joyce…it really was nice to have so many people take the time to come over and comment on the boys 🙂 We have one more month before home….Hawaii, and then driving across Canada and visiting family and friends along the way.
      Always great to hear from you. Hope you and Roy are doing well!!! xoxoxoxo


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