Just Do It

I think Nike had it right when they decided on “Just Do It” as their slogan.  You can apply it to more than just sports and athletics though.  It’s something that applies to all areas of life.  Jobs, dates, travel, hanging out with new friends….things that require a lot of thought for most people.  Things that require, to a degree, some risk.  Do the things you’ve been talking about doing.  Accept the invitation to lunch with that acquaintance.  Apply for that job you’ve been thinking about.  Go on that trip you’ve always wanted to. Life is short.  It’s so easy to talk and dream, but when it comes down to just doing it, it’s hard for a lot of us.

You can only plan so much.  You can only imagine so much.  What it comes down to is just putting one foot in front of the other, and doing it. Who knows; that acquaintance you go out for coffee with may just become one of your best friends.  That job you apply for may become the career you dreamed of. Then again, that acquaintance may remain just an acquaintance.  And you may not get that job you applied for.  But at least you’ll know because you did it…. You said yes.  You put yourself out there.  You did it.  And you learned more about yourself by doing, than you did by sitting and wondering.

I know we are in a unique position in being able to travel for a year.  We talked and thought, and planned and schemed.  And there were lots of questions and doubts about how the year would look and if we could make it.  But in the end, we just did it.  We went to places we’ve only seen in books and on TV.  Yes, some places were not as expected.  But some places blew us away.  And most of the people we met will stay with us always. And the only reason we got to experience any of it, is because we just did it. We weren’t always sure what we were getting ourselves into, but we did it!

So whatever it is that you’re thinking about trying or doing….Just do it 🙂


*Obviously common sense needs to be used when “just doing it.”  Don’t take a trip if it’s going to put you deep into debt. Start working and saving and planning to “just do it.”   Don’t quit your job until you’ve accepted that new position 😉  Work, plan and save before you “just do it.”

2 thoughts on “Just Do It

  1. The Old Kinnis

    Well said Riann, So often we miss out opportunities because we over think them or get held back by fears of the unknown. A Calgary Yahoo coming your way for Just Doing It. This has been a wonderful adventure and a wonderful year. So great to have been able to spend time with you all, in Europe and now in Canada. Finish well. Love Y’all.


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